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These female soldiers usually disguised themselves as men by cutting their hair, binding their breasts with bandages and adopting masculine names. Although she stopped short of repeating Condorcet's or Olympe de Gouges's demands for absolutely equal rights for women, she did insist that the Revolution had forced women to become more aware of their status in society.

Another famous nurse was Mary Pricely who served as a nurse on colonial warships, such as the ship the Defense in Women were thought to be weak and seen as people who needed to be taken…. Why did women appear so frequently in these allegories and symbolic depictions?

These two documents are similar in content because they describe how men and women should be treated as equals in society.

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At the end of the decade of revolution, a well-known writer, Constance Pipelet, offered her views on its impact on women. This began the revolution of people who now had a taste of what the future could hold and how important their role would be in making sure it is better for all future generations.

It was the men who defined these categories, and women were forced to accept male domination in the political sphere.

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The Roles of Women in the Revolutionary War