Victims of an acid attack

Two professionals had passed police information five months before the attack that Leong was acquiring potentially lethal acid and possibly intended to throw it on someone, but officers took no action.

She was put in an induced coma for 12 days and had to undergo skin graft procedures. Eating and speaking can become difficult. Although it is equally unacceptable when acid violence occurs against men, attacks across the world affect women disproportionately.

An acid attack is when a person is attacked by having corrosive acid thrown at them in a way that is meant to cause them serious harm.

why do acid attacks happen

Acid attacks against women especially have risen in recent years in India. It claims the country does not have "tight controls on acid sales" or "legislation specific to acid attacks".

Acid attacks in india 2018

There were 27 registered assaults in , compared with eight in Before Make Love Not Scars existed not a lot of people knew about acid attacks. Ear cartilage is usually partly or totally destroyed; deafness may occur. Numbers of recorded attacks have now declined to single figures. Scars can run down from the chin to neck area, shrinking the chin and extremely limiting range of motion in the neck. We push to get our survivors justice and have been instrumental in creating benchmarks out of our cases so that future survivors do not have to struggle. It took away my independence, my ability to work. The water dilutes the acid, and so it's important to keep refreshing with new, clean water, as quickly as possible.

However, as of July 31,she pardoned her attacker, thereby absolving Majid Movahedi of his crime and halting the retributive justice of Qisas. Make Love Not Scars has definitely had an impact on the younger generation and their will to help our society and country.

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May 6, - Two men attacked patrons in Dalston, East London. We have ensured that survivors receive free treatment under the Supreme Court order for the welfare of acid victims passed in April The average age of survivors was about 23 years old, but ranged from 13 to 41 years. The college equipped me with the necessary skills. The nose can become shrunken and deformed; the nostrils may close off completely due to destroyed cartilage. He suffered third-degree burns to his face and neck. Dr Boyle added: "Alkaline powders that get wet can suddenly start to react. The authors state that the prevalence of acid attacks in other areas of South America remains unknown due to significant underreporting. Women who did not conform to these expectations, or to "morality expectations" of secular factions, were vulnerable to attacks which included pouring acid on their bodies, rock pelting, threats, and even rape.

There are plans to further restrict the sale of corrosive substances — but why are such brutal attacks on the rise? As the threat persists, it is important to know the first aid dos and DON'Ts, if you find yourself aiding a victim.

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Rebuilding the lives of acid attack victims in India