The mbuti pygmies society of central

Villagers in the southern and central Ituri play a prominent role in Mbuti marriages and deaths and in mediating outbreaks of violence among the Mbuti. Thus they can become further locked into the new, road-oriented communities.

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In certain circumstances a whole area of forest can be closed off from hunting or gathering activities in order to let it rest [and replenish],? Both sexes gather and forage. For lack of a better term these elements might be categorized as "cultural reciprocity.

The effect is to ridicule aggression, competitiveness, and conflict itself. Several ecological problems exist which affect the Bambuti. Most communities cannot access healthcare due to lack of availability, lack of funds and humiliating ill-treatment.

The Batwa have been excluded from the parks, but are mistreated and exploited by the farmers on the outside. If Mbuti neglect their traditional trading partners in favor of more wealthy immigrants, they may even lose the option of returning to them.

Opening of the Forest In principle, Zaire's central government has the authority to allocate and manage the land and its resources.

Their territory in the DRC has no legal protections, and the boundaries that each band claims are not formally established. Since we were expelled from our lands, death is following us.

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The Mbuti of Zaire