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In software project management, we are primarily concerned with productivity and quality metrics. Because they are focusing on software metrics that do not measure progress toward that goal.

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Project Metrics or indicator:- enables a software project manager to Assess the status of an ongoing project Track potential risks. Defects per FP. Defect removal efficiency: Quantifies the efficiency with which defects were detected and prevented from reaching the customer.

When a single data point has been collected e.

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The table lists each software development project that has been completed over the past few years and corresponding measures for that project. The pattern of phase-based defect removal reflects the overall defect removal ability of the development process. Patrick Kua outlines four guidelines for an appropriate use of software metrics : 1. This metric is a key concept of the defect removal model for software development. Metrics collected from past projects are used as a basis from which effort and time estimates are made for current software work. Software metrics should have several important characteristics. It is desirable to keep cohesion high; that is, keep LCOM low. Recommended Content for You. The quality goal for the maintenance process, of course, is zero defective fixes without delinquency.

If a program is not user-friendly, it is often doomed to failure, even if the functions that it performs are valuable. If the number of defects is large, then the small value of the percentage metric will show an optimistic picture.

This can help compute a True Test Coverage metric which can expose quality gaps in a software product.

Size oriented metrics in software engineering

Top 5 Software Development Metrics Examples We chose the metrics below as our top 5 because they provide direct information about the experience of the end user: their satisfaction, the rate at which they receive new features and new versions, the number of bugs they experience, and the degree to which their important functionality is tested. Which team is more efficient? Public process metrics enable organizations to make strategic changes to improve the software process. The pattern of phase-based defect removal reflects the overall defect removal ability of the development process. Project Metrics Software project metrics are used by the software team to adapt project workflow and technical activities. Because we do not know the size or complexity of the projects, we cannot answer this question. Measurement occurs as the result of the collection of one or more data points e. Examples of Software Metrics There is no standard or definition of software metrics that have value to software development teams. Productivity Project : Is a measure of output from a related process for a unit of input.

Abstraction is a relative concept. But a trend line showing progress toward a target offers incentive and insight into how to reach that target.

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Maintainability is the ease with which a program can be corrected if an error is encountered, adapted if its environment changes, or enhanced if the customer desires a change in requirement.

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