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For valuation of shares of a company traded in stock exchange, it is assumed that the analysts or investors do not have information about internal management of the enterprise insider trading is a punishable offencewhich is predominantly the domain of management accounting.

Financial statements were enlarged to accommodate this demand and with this, credit analysis expanded the arena of ratio analysis. Non controlling interests has also increased over the period of 9 years and is now at 2.

British Experience In England, the technique of ratio analysis was slow to be accepted and used in business analysis.

Lev viewed the shares of the entries in a financial statement as representing the relative frequencies of the possible outcomes of an experiment in which a dollar was selected at random from the financial statement. Research on catastrophe model was not carried forward owing to difficulty in empirical investigation.

Ratios measure these relationships and act as efficient tools of judgement, eliminating adventitious factors in decisionmaking and quickening confidence in control Parkinson, Your assignment is to help her answer the following questions.

Karrels and Prakash applied the Shapire W-statistic procedure for testing univariate normality which is a necessary condition for multivariate normality as well. Cash ratio considers only the Cash and Cash Equivalents there are the most liquid assets within the Current Assets.

They concluded that the implication that entropy was a measure of the meaningfulness of a particular decomposition of a set of values, such as the items on a financial statement, was erroneous. Christine Hsu H.

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If the company has a higher cash ratio, it is more likely to be able to pay its short term liabilities.

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Financial Analysis Case Study