Passenger delays

flight arrivals or tambo

The airline, however, did not file any complaint against the passenger, the official said. Chancellor Angela Merkel missed the beginning of a G20 summit in Buenos Aires last November as the plane carrying her from Berlin encountered electrical problems and was forced to land in Cologne.


For delays of one-and-a-half-hours, three-quarters of the ticket price would have to be refunded, and for delays of more than two hours, the whole price.

Unruly Air India Express passenger delays Dubai flight to Mumbai Delay lasted 90 minutes after temperature issues inside airplane prompted incident The incident delayed the flight by one-and-a-half-hours, close on the heels of a hour delay by an Air India flight from Dubai to Kochi on the same day.

Given that one in 10 trains are delayed in France the news that the European Parliament wants to boost compensation for those disrupted should come as good news for rail passengers. A senior official at Air India Express told Arabian Business that due to the high outside temperature at Dubai, the flight cabin of IX was warm while taxiing.

Who do I contact in case of flight delay? An investigation is underway into the cause of the incident. Technical defects do not constitute exceptional circumstances, whereas non foreseeable safety deficiencies, weather or natural events, bird strike or political instability are valid reasons.

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Your rights in case of flight delay