Mauryan military system

He invaded Vatapi with an army headed by his general Paranjothi. The Mauryan Army eliminated regional chieftains, private armies, and even gangs of bandits, who sought to impose their own supremacy in small areas.

mauryan empire timeline

The Guptas relied heavily on armoured war elephants; horses were used little if at all. According to Curtius, each chariot carried six passengers: two shield-bearers, two archers, and two charioteers, who would also throw several javelins at the enemy once the battle commenced Curtius 8.

Armed with spear, bow, and javelin, the infantry tended mostly to be of the light variety. Inscriptions tell that at least from his time, Chola warriors wore waist coats of armour. However, they are described as lances and not javelins, so possibly they simply had two lances, in case one should break.

Somnath temple in ruins, CE. In this source, his conversion has nothing to do with the Kalinga War or his descent from the Maurya dynasty.

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Military Equipment and the Organization of the Army in Mauryan India