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The first benefit is that we receive a perfect human body so that we can practice the entire Dharma and we have the opportunity to benefit other sentient beings extensively, just as Lama Tsongkhapa, Lama Atisha and Guru Shakyamuni Buddha did.

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By giving food to a person or an animal, you may help them to survive, but it doesn't mean that your own action becomes good karma, the cause of happiness. Through this merit, they are then able to understand the teachings of the path and actualize their meaning. A client of mine, another architect, won an international competition to design and build The Maitreya Project. He returned home and went to see his Guru, who asked him to build a Maitreya Buddha statue. The teachings say that the happiness of sentient beings depends on the teachings and the existence of the teachings depends on holy objects. In the Buddhist pantheon, the historical Buddha Shakyamuni is considered the 4th of eventually 1, Buddhas who will manifest on this earth and each of whom will initiate a cycle of spiritual teachings. Only with that motivation does your action of helping others become the cause of enlightenment. If you wanted to build such a statue in a poor African country, I'm sure the people there wouldn't be happy, and might reject the idea. The value of having holy objects is just unbelievable—beyond our conception!

Seeing a drawing of a buddha enables such incredible purification of obscurations and negative karma that it causes us to meet, sooner or later, many buddhas; to be with and receive teachings from them, and finally to become enlightened. The fifth is a brave mind.

Some freedom was given back to the Tibetan people only recently, just a few years ago.

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After many years of work, artistic, and engineering renderings are complete. The sutras say that even looking with anger at a drawing of a buddha on a wall enables us to eventually see ten million buddhas. The surveying and the marking of the external boundaries have been completed. Each of these poor Indian villagers, the old men and women in their very simple dress, who throw one or two coins in front of the Buddha statue and put their palms together as they look up at the Buddha's face, is unbelievably fortunate. This is how you lead them to the end of all suffering and its causes, the obscurations from where all hunger, thirst, poverty and so forth come. Even if you give food to starving people in Africa , there are still many people in other countries who have the same problems, who are also starving. The first phase of the site and reception office has been completed and soon the Maitreya Project experience center will be opened. Maitreya, recognized by most Buddhist traditions as a future Buddha of this world, is also known as the Buddha of Loving-Kindness. You lead them not only to temporary happiness but ultimate enlightenment. That's the specific reason for this project. The mountains had lost some essence, they were kind of empty, like a very depressed person, something was lost.

You have caused each of them to accumulate additional, inconceivable merit. For example, one of the happy results of living in morality is that you achieve rebirth in the body of a happy migratory being, as a deva or human.

The stolen wealth solves some of your difficulties and makes your life easier at the time. We shall be showered with the nectar of His teaching.

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The second benefit is that we receive the perfect conditions to help to fulfill our wishes. According to national census data for53 per cent of Mongolians identify as Buddhists.

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Maitreya Project Kushinagar Takes Important Step Forward