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Create a dedicated landing page or blog post in WordPress for each common question you get. A good FAQ page allows the reader to get a quick summary of basic information they need to know about the site, the person, or the organization it represents. Note the high level of color contrast so the button easily catches the eye.

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Most obviously it preempts customer concerns, allowing potential buyers to help themselves while giving your customer service team a small break. Include a video or a couple of screenshots when illustrating instructions for a specific process. How to write your FAQs Answer the question It sounds obvious, but many FAQ answers are overly wordy and take a long time to actually answer the question. Your products or services invite questions that answerable in a direct manner, and not on a case-to-case basis. A little fun is a great way to break up boring text, as long as it fits your brand. Which of these tips was your favorite and why? The balance between text, images, and interactive features works great. We publish actionable content every day of the week on how to grow your traffic, subscribers and sales. Pricing is almost always the last hurdle a client jumps over before they buy.

In my opinion, these would be better left on the About page. Want to take the guesswork out of creating high-converting pages, retargeting ads and more?

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Understanding FAQs Q. Can you afford not to build your FAQ authority and be part of the voice search trend? Last but not least, make your FAQ easy to find from anywhere on your site. Ideally, have a separate URL which links to each FAQ so you can easily direct people to answers from email and social media. Jot these down and whittle your list to six or 10 of the most commonly-asked questions. It gives them answers to specific questions related to what you sell. Can I use an FAQs page in formats other than on a website? I kept the homepage FAQs more feature-focused. Here are some ideas of what you might include in your FAQ: Your store policies including refund policies Where you ship How quickly you fulfill orders Any information a customer would need to choose the right product—how to choose the right size, for example. Manual follow-up creates a dialogue between you and your customer.

If you find your response drags on, you can always split one set into multiple sections. Check out this example from the American Cancer Society. Write questions in the first person—from the point of view of the customer: Write the question as the reader would ask it.

Look at your email inbox or social media account and see which questions keep popping up.

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The What, Why, and How of Writing the Perfect FAQ