Gsm based projects

GSM based Distribution Transformer Monitoring System : In this project, remote monitoring of transformer parameters such as oil level, load current and ambient temperature, etc is performed by using GSM technology.

The microcontroller unit along with GSM modem sends the transformer parameters data to remote mobile so that user can monitor any abnormality of transformer from far remote locations.

This vehicle is used to move patients quickly to the critical care in case of emergency situations. Status of these parameters were displayed on the display unit and an sms is also sent to the registered mobile number.

gps gsm based projects

This GSM based and ARM controlled device continuously measures the energy consumption over a given period of time and accordingly sends the billing information to the customers as well as utility companies. The system has two parts, namely; hardware and software.

This information is transferred to farmers via GSM so that motor can be monitored and controlled remotely. The results obtained after decryption is the exact copy of original file.

gsm based home automation

And GSM module is powered by using a 12 volt adaptor. This Pi phone is a basic mobile phone with a touchscreen interface and has basic features like time, date and you can also keep an alarm.

GMS mobile with web application at monitoring side gives the vehicle location. GSM is used to send an sms about the condition of the field to the user. For this the proposed system is GPS tracking systems which can be implemented onto the ambulances and track their movement.

AT commands should be followed by Carriage return i.

gsm based wireless electronic notice board

A LCD is used to display the message.

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GSM based Projects