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When Topanga worries Maya will miss Katy's hard work just to keep a roof over Maya's head, Shawn tells Maya that her new clothes are a gift from both him and her mother.

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Katy worries Maya will eventually get hurt again, but Shawn wonders if she can't just enjoy a good day. Katy introduces herself to Angela and then also goes outside. Shawn gets some advice of his own when his old girlfriend comes to town for a visit. Lucas tells how he went to New Orleans from Texas to help out, and noticed that people celebrated in New Orleans when the Hurricane passed. When Cory asks Maya what the people of New Orleans did during and after the storm, he tells her she already knows the answer; she replies the people stayed and hoped things would get better, which they did. Like many teenagers, the two girls often need to go shopping and figure out some brand new outfits. Use them wisely!

Can you find the right combinations? However, you need to know that not everything is as it seems with her! When Shawn offers to buy Katy a new outfit, she declines as they don't really know each other.

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Cory invites Shawn to sit down and wait like a father, but he refuses to sit in the chair-- until Maya comes out beaming in a new outfit; Shawn then tells her to pick another one and come out smiling again. However, working in fashion is not as easy as you would think!

When Maya pushes him to give her advice, he relents and tells her he thinks she should dress differently; Maya is touched by Shawn's words, saying that nobody else ever cared enough about her to give her advice like that.

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When Cory asks the girls if they've done their homework, Maya and Riley both say they have, but Cory and Shawn both know only Riley is telling the truth. We all know by now that they add extra flavor to any outfit! Another possible combination is lining up a dress with a pair of cool boots or awesome heels. Riley and Maya eavesdrop from outside, hopeful that something can happen between Shawn and Katy. Use them wisely! When Shawn asks why Angela is there, she explains she in need of advice-- advice that she feels only Shawn can give her. Maya says that if you hope for one thing it might just happen. Are you ready to have the time of your life with these two friends? You will recognize it easily because it will have a star drawing on top of it. Be smart and earn more points! She runs to hug him and begins sobbing; Shawn is flabbergasted, but also uncomfortable, with Maya's sudden show of emotion and wonders aloud how to make it stop.

She can be quite ditzy at times, but her idealistic personality and intelligence get her out of many difficult situations. Katy introduces herself to Angela and then also goes outside.

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