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In this sense, statistics tells the truth of life. One of the best classes I have taken.

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Both the classes and reading materials were extremely interesting. I found it very easy to follow his slides, have time to copy the notes, and also listen to what he said. The tests were a little harder than I had thought. While it's true that online courses will save you from having to drive to school and meet in a classroom, it must also be said that they require the utmost amount of self-discipline. It is that once i see the choices, then i see the bigger picture and am able to categorize all the information into my brain. Many employers discourage the use of corporate email for 'personal' use. This course is definitely one of the most interesting classes I have taken during my degree. In his defense, he probably graded the homework assignments as fast as he could, because there were so many problems to grade. Vasey is an amazing professor. The tested materials come from both the lectures and the textbook which is enjoyable to read causing the students to make the extra effort to stay on top of studying. I really enjoyed taking this class with Dr. There seems to be a little much material for this course.

And I thought that the choice of movies was very beneficial for people like me who are more visual learners. Yet, I'm doing OK thus far except the math [its more than algebra].

I would recommend this course and teacher to other students. Check the web site often and don't think that you can wait until the last minute to catch up -- you can't.

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I enjoyed the format for discussions! Professor Vasey was able to approach sensitive information in a way that was both interesting and informative. You've been such a wonderful mentor over the course, so I am very much appreciative and thankful for everything!

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If more vivid examples could be added into the slides, it would be great with helping students thoroughly understand in what case what notions have to be considered and what formula should be used. It's just much easier to play catch-up with an online course. This sometimes provided additional direction in figuring out how the problem should actually be worked when the text wasn't enough to figure it out. The best class I have taken at the University so far. Extremely interesting material and great delivery of concepts. Overall the course was amazing and I would recommend it to everyone. I am currently taking Statistics Applied Regression Analysis and the concepts covered in Statistics have made the transition very easy. He is always open to discussion and pushes students to think critically during class and on exams. We can read the book. Assimil allows you to get familiar with both accents but still the pace is slower than in reality.

Also, it helps to read ahead. Paul is a very engaging professor. I think other professors could use a lesson in those areas.

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