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Idea 1: Chronological For many people, a series of chronological snapshots of their life is the easiest to write and deliver.

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But I am neither of the two. I started my first job with Mahindra British Telecom, now known as Tech Mahindra through campus placements. You can follow this and use your incidents. My ambitions kept changing all through. I studied in St. You are an investment to this world by God. A healthy mind in a healthy body! Were you pampered? I thought I had done enough hard work to get myself a professional degree, have worked relentlessly to gain additional education for being in the most elite and progressive industry. My mom was so evil… I thought. The reason I am telling you to do this is because I want you to get comfortable hearing and projecting your own voice. I am sure that some, if not most of us here, would have faced the very same question at some point in their lives. I know the answer this time.

My 3 sisters and I are buying from the store and then they drag me. However, your nervousness will be reduced considerably if you give it a couple of practice runs out loud even if your only audience is you.

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My life is not interesting at all. Your ice breaker speech topic is you — something about your life, your job, your hobbies, your unique interests, your family, or any combination of these. I am mentioning some traits of mine that I wanted to share. Let me get into the meat and potatoes on how to have your Ice Breaker ready in less than an hour. But more importantly, I want to introduce me to you. If you want to use a wall-size mirror, fitness center mirrors in your community would be really cool for this activity. I had to compete with the best students and achieve good grades. I was a very good student. Leave the Specialisation for insects. What is your message to the world?

I did not move an inch from the podium. Let me be frank — all evaluations are not perfect.

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I call myself a man of leisure but this term has some awkward connotations. Well, I would definitely not get into the details of how I manage to get ready.

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My mom was so evil… I thought.

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How to come up with your IceBreaker Speech