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The family then goes out greeting relatives and neighbors. We believe what we are taught to do in our cultures and we follow those. The animals were having an argument after they heard that they were going to be assigned to stand for each year.

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It wa Brainstorm a list of 5 foreign goods or services that have influenced American culture; include the specific good or service as well as its country of origin. Because there are Chinese people outside of mainland China, there are many celebrations held by the Chinese population in other areas of the world, including right here in Lincoln!

These people differ in many ways. This advertisement is so culturally enriched. According to the popular myth, the origin of this day lies in the fight against Nian, a beast in Chinese mythology. People will pour out their money to buy presents, decorations, food and clothing.

After that, the old man disappeared riding Nian. Children are the ones who enjoy the festive season most.

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The eve of the New Year is carefully planned. The whole holiday all started out of fear and was viewed as a refreshing start to the new year and grew into a big celebration for all of China to meet with family and let go of the past.

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Chinese New Year Essay Example