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The little girl floats up into space and down under the sea. Maths In maths we have been looking at place value in six and seven digit numbers as well as negative numbers too.

He understands that they need freedom to let their beauty show. I saw her upon nearer view, A Spirit, yet a Woman too!

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This is the second time we have used a short film for writing stimulus this year and the results have been just as impressive. The book sees a plane carrying four children crash into the Amazon rainforest where they have to learn to survive.

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I then marked their evaluation and success criteria. We didn't stick to it rigidly but used it as a springboard to discuss different sentence starters.

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Although this is an important and challenging year, we have lots of fun learning and new experiences planned along the way. When they are in their independent writing stage they know to refer to the learning journey when they are planning and writing - which helps to remind them of the different elements that they could include. We also looked at writing summaries of the opening chapter. Whole class reading sessions: We used the text for whole class reading alongside our writing work. In this silent animation one man is sailing his ship through the clouds. The boy captures them in cages and looks at them each day, in awe of their beauty. I also include key sheets and explanations from the unit for children to refer to on the wall. All writers struggle with when to begin a new paragraph. This was then available for everyone to refer to when we wrote our stories. More confident writers quickly fill out blank scaffolds. Al his friends and family has a whistle - he sets off on an adventure to find a whistle. The yellow man, the police man, the tiger and the elephants. We have just finished writing our narratives based on the short film 'The Black Hole'. This way I can regularly refer to and explain the journey I have planned out for the children to follow. We mind mapped our ideas about the characters and collected evidence to support our views.

Summer Shower A drop fell on the apple tree, Another on the roof; A half a dozen kissed the eaves, And made the gables laugh. I'm very excited to announce that our first class book of the year is Holes by Louis Sachar which is one of my personal.

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PlanningPedagogyEnglish I love it when a text drives the curriculum and my last half term focus on The Explorer by Katherine Rundell did just that. Children could write instructions for looking after their pet or wild animal.

We regularly stopped and shared ideas throughout this session so that everyone had a chance to collect ideas. All writers struggle with when to begin a new paragraph. Children can write descriptions of the flying turtles using their knowledge of show, not tell and other descriptive devices before writing short narratives, perhaps with a different flying animal.

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Then finally they created their own examples This idea for a lesson format came from a HIAS course I went on earlier this year. Cookie Notice. We mind mapped our ideas about the characters and collected evidence to support our views. Beautiful creatures emerge from the hat. We are prepared and ready for our end of KS2 assessments. It's rich with detail and description alongside a hugely exciting plot. Henry David Thoreau One such poet is Henry David Thoreaua transcendentalist author and poet whose work was highly descriptive. The film ends comically when the young boy hides behind his pillow.
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