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Avogadro was born in in Italy during an important period in the development of chemistry She lived in an environment that required her to have Faith first and foremost. Hale was merely one in a slew of letters written to extended family members, friends, and clergymen, exploring the nuances of death. Her sense of the intimate ontological interpenetration of her finite human longing and the divine presence who both establishes and draws forth that longing is concisely conveyed in the following short poem, which in its second stanza suggests how any intellectual analysis of this paradoxical intersection of time and timelessness must, for someone attentive to her lived experience of existence in the metaxy, appear no more than an artificial linguistic container: He was my host — he was my guest, I never to this day If I invited him could tell, Or he invited me. However, her inquiries into the multitudinous facets of death were merely underpinnings of a lifelong poetic endeavor to harmonize the realist inquirer and the spiritual Calvinist within her. First, there was the long delay in the initial coming to light of her achievement, due to her life of intense privacy, to the withholding of her poems no more than ten of which were published during her lifetime 3 and to their first being published—beginning in , four years after her death—in small or incomplete editions, with the poems edited, punctuationally modified, and even linguistically altered, to suit conventional tastes. He often talked of God, but I do not know certainly if he was his Father in Heaven—Please Sir, to tell me if he was willing to die, and if you think him at Home, I should love much to know certainly, that he was today in Heaven. What kind of enemy would attack with a loving, overindulgent ambush? Emily applies verbal irony calling God, the creator of the universe, an enemy. He used 12 grams of carbon to figure out his unit, weighed out 12 grams and did multiple test calculations 4. Newton, who died sometime since in Worcester, and I often have hoped to know if his last hours were cheerful, and if he was willing to die. Site Pages. Avogadro created this unit 3. He is performing a loving, affectionate ambush on her. Students are typically introduced to these poets through their most-anthologized poems, the majority of which are chosen in part for their accessibility—technically fluid and not too daunting conceptually—but also for a sort of charmingness, albeit in both cases of a slightly dark and eccentric kind.

Both are exceptional as poets of spiritual struggle and are experts of the uncanny and inexplicable. Now, let us point out right away that neither literary power nor intellectual brilliance are invariably employed in serving an accurate explication of the truths of existence.

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The best-known and most-taught of their poems present the personae of these two quintessentially American poets as, respectively, a wise, avuncular, white-haired lover of New England country life and its rugged solitudes, and as the whimsical and ladylike recluse spinster, the belle of Amherst, prone to occasional morbidity but mostly concerned to express her delight in bees, flowers, sunsets, and assurances of Eternity.

Though she presents obvious truth when reading the surface of her poems, she provides a creative, much deeper meaning behind the first impression if one dares to expand their minds outside of their normal thought range.

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Avogadro used the number to create molar mass 8. Dickinson, Emily. Bodies were being shipped home, to Northern towns like Amherst in train-car loads were a simple game. Newton, who died sometime since in Worcester, and I often have hoped to know if his last hours were cheerful, and if he was willing to die. I suggest that this inability to suspend Reason is the prime reason for being sent home from Mt. Site Pages. This episode, I imagine, was very stressful for her and an embarrassment for the family.

And only the last few decades have shown a careful critical devotion to repairing the changes inflicted by her early editors, to the compiling of folio and variora editions, and to making publicly available her work as she wrote and preserved it.

Rutledge, David. The persona must be calling God the enemy of mankind.

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Frost and Dickinson both, in fact, are, in the fullness of their work, extremely difficult poets and of unusual depth. It is also clear that Dickinson can never give up her Reason and make that clear leap to Faith as all believers apparently do. In contrast, she was of the mind that Reason come first and then explore if you can reach and maintain Faith.

This episode, I imagine, was very stressful for her and an embarrassment for the family.

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