An argument in favor of having an official language

Proponents of Official English policies, as they are termed in brief, argue that English has been the dominant language for the better part of this century and should be made the official language in order to simplify government processes. Huddled masses. This policy clearly outlines what it intends to pursue.

As may be expected, many Democrats including the Clinton administration have tended to lobby against Official English policies along with other organizations such as the ACLU, various pro-bilingual associations, minority based non-profits groups as well as the National Education Association.

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This may be a testament to the true function of government in the policy process: Lawmakers are protectors of the rights of the people rather than a purveyor of the will of the people. First, each side is certain that if the other side controls policy that life as we know it in the good old U.

disadvantages of making english the official language

Debate For Official English Policies Proponents of Official English laws argue various reasons as to why such legislation is necessary. Census Bureau recording over languages spoken in American homes, who decides the languages that documents are translated into, and how is this decision made?

If they feel disadvantaged because they are not able to read government documents, ballots, or defend themselves in court, it is fully their choice to change this by learning English. Switzerland has four official languages: French, German, Italian and Romansh.

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English as an Official Language in the U.S.: Pros and Cons