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When you can't see what you're typing, you can punch out all of your thoughts before considering things like word choice and sentence structure, eliminating perfectionist tendencies that lead to writer's block. If WorkFlowy isn't right for you, check out our guide to the best outlining tools —many of which have free plans—to find the best app for your needs. If you accept it, Docs automatically incorporates the suggestion so you don't have to type it in yourself. Paste your text into the tool, click the Find Cliches button, then see a version of your text with any cliches highlighted in bold, red text. Related reading:. You'll have to make the edits in your original document, but it's an easy way to identify any place where you're using a phrase that may need to be re-worded for originality or clarity. Paste your content into Hemingway, and it highlights areas of concern in several categories: use of adverbs, use of passive voice, overly complex words and phrases, and overly complex sentences. HubSpot Blog Ideas Generator Pricing: Free If you try these tools and are still staring at a blank page, check out some of our favorite writing tips for generating ideas and overcoming writer's block. Pros: You can use Grammarly across multiple platforms, you can set your writing style, provides detailed analysis as to why your grammar or spelling is wrong. Other controls let you jump forward or back a few seconds or adjust the speed of the audio playback. We start with our massive pool of over , questions. In that spirit, BlindWrite forces you to write blind and edit… not blind. We have over 50, ready-to-learn vocabulary lists — everything from standardized tests to classic literature, breaking news — you name it.

Plus, if you hover over a bullet point, you'll see options to complete, add a note to, share, export, duplicate, or delete that item. Capture all of your ideas in a single file, rearrange and organize your ideas by dragging and dropping them, and connect ideas no matter how far apart they are on your mind map.

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It autosaves your document to Google Drive after nearly every word you type—ensuring you never lose part of your draft—and it backs up everything you write to the cloud automatically.

Using Evernote's web clipper, you can capture full articles online in a couple of clicks. Lexology iOS; solo - Enter words based on a letter you're supplied in order to collect letters and advance in the game. It also catches passive voice, or tells you where you can use a different word that will make more of an impact.

Discover a better way to teach vocabulary. Ginger Ginger is a comprehensive grammar and language checker from Ginger Software.

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In the long term, Hemingway teaches you to be a better writer because you're identifying and fixing your errors. You'll find interesting stories about word history, like "Why is pumpernickel bread named for a farting devil? When you've finished writing a draft, you can share it with others via a link; download the content in Markdown, plain text, or HTML formats; or email it to yourself as a PDF, Google Doc, or Word file. Paste your text into or upload your draft to De-Jargonizer, and it highlights potentially problematic words in orange or red, depending on severity. The articles are then added to Evernote where you can organize collected research into different notebooks, read the full-text of articles you've saved, search all of your collected research at once, and share your collected research with others. Instead of shelling out to read a paper that may or may not have the information you need, use Unpaywall 's Chrome and Firefox extensions to see if there's a free copy of the paper available anywhere online. Tools for Research and Note-Taking Once you have a topic in mind, it's time to conduct your research and compile your notes. Letterpress iOS; head-to-head - Play against a friend in a word game like none other that has you stealing letters to create new words. I'm sure you're already downloading a bunch of apps to kick off your vocabulary learning. When you land on a result for a paywalled paper or article that's available for free elsewhere, a green unlocked icon displays; click it to open a free copy of the paper. For example, you can enter more than a single word into OneLook: Enter a phrase or even an entire sentence. One smart feature is its language feedback. Other times, you know exactly what you want to write about, but your ideas are too disorganized to move forward.

Just type in your Twitter handle and the service analyzes your recent Tweets to see what communication styles they fall under. With Vocabulary. My favorite at the moment is Qiktionary, which is a relaxing guessing game that rewards you with fascinating facts.

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Create your own list of words to study. Whether you need to transcribe an interview, access paywalled research papers, or see what else has been published online, these tools can help.

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Look up a word, learn it forever. For example, you can enter more than a single word into OneLook: Enter a phrase or even an entire sentence. Available in an online, desktop and app-based format, this app not only checks your spelling and grammar, but it also provides contextual spelling correction, picks up phonetic spelling mistakes, and can make your writing sound smoother and more natural. Get started now. After you take the test—it has several versions in case you're unhappy with the first one—you can ask for your score in comparison to others in your age group. Unpaywall harvests data from sources like journals' open-access repositories and university and government databases, ensuring you're never infringing copyright when you access a paywalled article for free. For instance, if you're learning two new words, try testing yourself on a set of words you already know and add these new words in-between the familiar ones. Achieve mastery. It identifies any stylistic errors so you can improve your tense usage, and its language database is constantly updated so your writing always moves with the times. Get the lowdown on every word. Paste your content into Hemingway, and it highlights areas of concern in several categories: use of adverbs, use of passive voice, overly complex words and phrases, and overly complex sentences. These apps have just what you need. Let our adaptive learning system find the right words for you. This removes all of the back-and-forth of playing audio in one app and typing in another.
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