A description of major factors in efficient and effective management

If you show up lateyour team will be less punctual. How much did their social media strategy push sales? Generation of Employment: Good and innovative management results in the expansion and diversification of the business.

When you provide them with systems that are difficult to use and time consuming, it is difficult for the entire organization to be in sync. Managers plan to convert disorganized resources of men, machines, money etc. The key is to start collecting the information from the start. Many times to achieve targets effectiveness the efficiency of the system is compromised.

You should also consider training programs in terms of succession, as you need to ensure the next generation of managers and leaders is coming through your organization.

Remain as transparent as possible.

efficiency and effectiveness in management pdf

On the other hand, you might notice the team is producing more shoes than you expected, which could help you revise your objectives. Efficiency can be attained through the software and services you provide for your organization, and can make dramatic differences in the success of your business.

This is the first rule because it applies to most of the others. The comparison helps you to identify the problem areas or notice patterns that are actually working more efficiently.

Importance of efficiency and effectiveness in management

Thus the function of the organization is smooth without any chaos. You look at the objectives and the plan you have set, creating a set of measurements that would tell you are on the right path. Performance appraisal — You must also create structures of feedback within the organization. When determining the degree to which a team is experiencing groupthink , a manager can evaluate whether the team is exerting an excessive amount of dominating characteristics. You also need to be knowledgeable of the topic at hand. Directing has an important role in an organization as it helps strengthen the operational capability of the organization. By organizing the resources, you ensure operational efficiency and structure.

But it is to be noted that undue emphasis on high efficiency without being effective is not desirable. You will need to look at the different ways you and the team could achieve this goal.

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5 Important Factors of Efficiency in the Workforce